Bill Ritchie's work in Washington State
in the

George Gilbert Woodall Collection

(Print to come, caption under construction)


About George Woodall: (under construction) George's Website is and includes a video by Valera Kolodchenko on YouTube) For information contact George Woodall at (206) 382-2001 and by email:

About the print: George hosted Open Studios & Hospitality sessions, and in one of these Bill Ritchie made a chine-colle print with a note of Russian currency.

Bill Ritchie 's comment: George Woodall took printmaking when I was teaching at the UW in the early 1970s, and after graduation he kept in touch. He visited one of my classes at the students' request as guest speaker ("Artist for Brunch"). George opened his studio in the 'nineties for several printmakers, including Steve Rock, who had been going to Daniel Smith Inc. for open studios. Out of a couple thousand students I encountered in my tenure at the UW, George stands out as one who walks his talk: George takes action to normalize relationships between U.S. Americans and Russia through education and the arts, and he encouraged me to participate at one point and I spoke to his visiting Russians about developing my game, Emeralda.

Bill Ritchie met exchange students from Russia at Wizards of the Coast
in Seattle's U-District
to explain his concept of Emeralda, his "game
of life." George Woodall architected the Seattle/Perm exchange early
in the 1990s and he continues with his exchanges between Seattle, Perm,
and Moscow artists.

George and Marina at his exhibit, screenshot from his video.

Interviewer, in the video: Describe yourself as an artist and the stuff you do.
George Woodall: Okay. International. Historic. You have to have exhibits. You have to be out in the public. Hopefully before you die you get some stuff done. That’s kinda like, you know , . . . cross a river . . . before we all perish . . . you have to ask yourself: What have you accomplished as an individual, what if you contributed as an individual. Every day, the world’s a better place . . . every . . .  have you inspired anyone? And those questions are on my mind.'

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