Bill Ritchie Artworks in Washington State
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Chip Wilson Collection

Placeholder image is that of another work made the same day as Chip's.
This one is in the Carvel and Sarah Sue Zingle Collection.

Specifications: Monotype similar to Chip Wilson's from the same series in 1984. "Two Dog Samurai Coat". Cyanotype assemblage. Blue, black, brown and brass colored grommets on white Rives BFK 100% rag paper. Approximately 55 in. high X 36 in wide.

Artist's comment: For several summers in '80s I loved to work with cyanotype, a mid-19th Century photography process (eclipsed by silver-based photo chemistry). For an artist this process has many benefits--it takes a long time to expose and develops in running water. It's almost non-toxic. On a bright, June day I spread my paper out on a deck and lay down on it, arms askew, in a "warrior" pose. That's my face, profiled, in the top. I was doing my handmade dog series at that time, too, in other art mediums. That is, you hold your hand just so to make the "shadow" dogs. also I was thinking about Japanese theater and costumes, the the samurai philosopher Musash, author of "The book of five rings". In time I would meet Chip Wilson in connection with the CD/ROM project, the brainchild of C. T. Chew. Chip visited me in our Halladay home and purchased a work similar to that of the Zwingle family.

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