Bill Ritchie Artwork in


Ann Williams Collection

Ann Williams' unique, black-lacquered Mini Halfwood Press, Number 24.

Her artist's book was included in the "Small is Beautiful" exhibit at Baker University, September, 2008.    

Mini Halfwood Press No. 24

Specifications: Made in 2007. Mini Halfwood Press Serial Number 60027. Lacquered wood, brass, steel and plastic.

Artist's comment: Ann sent me email to get a video on woodcut tool-sharpening, then noticed my Halfwood presses on my Web site. She had just ordered a Baby Press, but seeing the Halfwoods she cancelled that order and ordered the "Black Mini Halfwood," the only black lacquered one in existence at that time.

You can see her press in action during its test on YouTube, printing a relief print, a one-minute lesson.

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