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Screen of the Rolling Sorcerer No. 5

Specifications: 1979. Screen. No. 5 of 6 made. The five folding wings are made of wood and paper and measure 76" X 60". Each screen is unique, some being painted (as this one, with sumi ink), some with collage, and varied Asian and Nepalese papers. Signed.

Artist's comment: "The Northwest Chamber Orchestra commissioned me to do staging for the Imagination Series in 1980. I integrated video with backdrops. I made six screens on Baltic birch frameworks, hand cut around my Loci series. Each screen had a unique applique of paper collage and string. We made a videotape during the paper-stretching stage with W. O. Smith on clarinet and my hand stapler as a percussion. The six filigreed panels were made with the help of the Mexican Magicians: Dennis Evans, Keith Beckley and Charles Luce."

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