Bill Ritchie's work in Washington State
in the

Helen Whitlock Collection

Jagged Door Suite, No. 1

Cyanotype, drawing, cut-out. Blue, gray orange, brown image 34 X 22 in on 38 1/2 X 25 3/4 in Arches Cover paper (double-thick laminate). No. 1 of 6 part Suite. Signed lower right. Others from the Suite are in Collections of Evans/Mee, Hiebner, Wilson, and Spokane Public Schools. Awarded prizes in MI, WA. Helen purchased this piece at the Artist Trust Auction in 2001.

Artist comment: "When the Sheraton sent Marjery Aronson to find candidates for their Northwest Artists Collection, Publishing project, I was at work on large cyanotypes (inspired by C. T. Chew's huge Ralph Doid City Planner prints). My Jagged Door series was my starting point. I was making them in the sun and the rain, and then chopping them apart and putting them back together, puzzle-style. I call them "cutouts" after Mattisse' example, except my guess is I went to more trouble to keep the pieces flat with razor-sharp insets like those wooden craftworks where different colored woods are inset to make pictures. The Jagged Door at Triangle Studios was a cutout, too--cut out of a brick wall!"

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