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Andrew Wenczel Collection

Bill Ritchie art Andrew Wenczel coll

Handmade Dog with Calculus

1996. Print. Intaglio. Burnt scarlet, black on Van Gelder Zonen buff with chine colle'd Twin Rocker's Simon's Green paper with exaggerated deckle edge. 12 X 9 in. TP 26 aka A/P. Signed lower right: Bill H. Ritchie, Jr. pr9611121915. About this print, Ritchie wrote: "This print was the happy outcome of a demonstration I made for a two-night presentation titled, 'Printmaking Online' at Daniel Smith Inc. The object of the demonstration was to (1) print the intaglio print, (2) instantly capture it with a digital camera, and then (4) upload its image to my Website all this in about a half-hour. I happened to find the Twin Rocker Simon Green paper (an expensive sheet!) on the floor the first night and chine colle'd the whole thing together the second night."

Bill Ritchie art Andrew Wenczel coll

ArtsPort at Index

2008. Print. Intaglio. pr0808161325 Two etched copper plates printed red ochre and black on brown paper, chine-colle'd on white. Image 7 X 5 in. on 8 X 6 in. Fabriano. T/P. Signed lower right. Coll Andrew Wenczel. About this print Ritchie writes: "The occasion of the art festival at Index, Washington, gave rise to this new version of the image for ArtsPort's artist's stamp, with the additon of the Emeralda Triangle and the galleon superimposed. I printed this on a hot, sunny afternoon in the alpine village of Index, Washington. I later I would recreate the print in Edmonds at my book signing and also in Baldwin, Kansas, at Baker University in workshops I gave to students."

Bill Ritchie art Andrew Wenczel coll

What time is it in Emeralda Now?

2004. Print. Intaglio. pr040728115rit. Blue and sanguine etching inks on white Arches from two plates, blue from a collagraph and the other (sanguine) engraved copper. 14 X 11 inches. T/P. Signed Bill Ritchie lower right. About this print, Bill wrote: "The loop-da-loo is the bottom part, a symbol of my time theory and the expression that 'what goes around comes around.' The loop-da-loo combined with the triangle design of the spacecraft of my fictional Women Who Fell to Earth. I carved away hardened collagraph wood putty down to the hardboard underneath. The copper plate I engraved with the X-Y pattern from my spaceship crash series of twenty years ago."

About Andrew Wenczel: (pending)

Bill Ritchie 's Comment: Andrew is a close neighbor of mine and, riding the elevator one day in March, 2015, he mentioned that he wanted to get some art to decorate his home walls. Later we met in our gallery and we had a great time talking about art and technology; then he gave his home to three of my prints.

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