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Lucinda Welch Collection

White Tetrahedron

Specifications: 2003. White Tetrahedron. Ceramic. Porcelain with colorant and ceramic pencil, transparent overglaze. Sides measure 6" each equilateral triangle, 62.4 sq. in. total surface.

Artist's comment: In 2003 was teaching and studying at Shoreline Community College and privileged to use the ceramics studio. I used the slab roller and cast slabs of clay embossed on a hand-cut linoleum block to get the design on each triangle. When leather-hard, I assembled six tetrahedrons, using slip to "glue" them together for final firing. Of the six tetrahedrons successfully fired, five were in stoneware. One fell apart in firing and I made stands with the triangles. This one in porcelain one is unique.

About Lucinda Welch: On a visit in 2018, Ms. Welch chanced to stop in our family's Mini Art Gallery. A retired educator, she supports the arts and travels. She was interested in learning more about the myth behind the tetrahedrons, the "Women who fell to Earth." I uploaded a PDF of one from the year 2000. She accepted draft copies of two works-in-progress, magazine-styled directories of my YouTube videos and Volume one of my catalog raisonne.

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