A Bill Ritchie Artwork in Washington State
in the

Gary Vesoja Collection


Specifications: 1966. Intaglio, printed from etched, engraved metal plate. Black. Image 18 3/4 X 13 3/4 in. on 24 X 18 5/8 in. Rives BFK. Signed lwr. Others' Collections include Dona Anderson, Ken Auvil Estate, Sally and Dick Day, Mary Stamper Lynam , Marysville Schools, & Artist's family. Numerous Exhibitions and awards, nationally & regional.

Artist's Comment: Both in images, symbols and technique, I collected these on to one plate as we resolved our stay in San Jose and began our move north to Seattle and the continuation of my chosen career. A dead sparrow hung outside my back-porch studio window of our little house on a hill overlooking the Almaden Valley. Perverse, maybe, but memory of it had meaning for me and I etched it into my plate. Engraving came easier now, as playing an instrument must to a musician, I suppose.

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