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Active and passive sides of Frigate Halfwood Press No. 1.

Frigate Halfwood Press No. 1 (SN750001)

Press Specifications: 2012. Frigate Halfwood Press. Serial No. 750001. Specifications: Roller diameter 1 7/8" x 7.5" long, top and bottom. Bed is 3/8" polycarbonate, 7 1/2" x 21". The overall length is 22"; overall width is 12 3/4"; overall height is 13". Weight is 26 lbs.; Drive wheel is 10 1/2" diameter stainless steel. The bed is rack-driven, approximating a 3:1 mechanical advantage. Woods used are American black walnut with wenge interlayering. The pressure screws are linked and synchronized. The press included three etching felts, user's manual and plus a PressGhost memory and USB extension cable for connecting to any computer.

Artist's comment: Heather sent an email in August and described her studio as having mostly antique furnishings, such as an antique painting easel; she also sails, and loves the nautical theme that informs the Halfwood design (and names of Halfwood presses). She studied at the Art Students League and learned etching there and wants to resume her printmaking work. If your device is online, you can Go to Heather's Website, click here. Heather van Wolf’s book, Billy’s Adventure at Sea, was published by Custom Artists Books Int’l, in 2011. She is both author and illustrator.

Testimonials: November 15, 2012: "I love my Halfwood Frigate! It’s absolutely splendid to use and the prints I have been making are just beautiful!! I am so happy to have this printer because currently my right hand is not working correctly due to a spinal injury. Until I get a second neck surgery I cannot make beautiful new drawings- but I CAN make new prints from previously etched copper plates!

"So you have helped me through a difficult time with this inspiring piece of beauty and I am still creating! Just yesterday I sold 2 new etchings based on copper dry points I had etched earlier in the year and printed with your printer this week.

"What is so amazing about OWNING one of your beautiful creations is I can invite my clients into the studio and show them exactly how I make these precious etchings—which entices them into purchasing more work! I have also been able to really experiment with different colors and techniques and don’t have to wait in line for the printer as I was doing at the print shop before.

"So Thank you Mr Ritchie. Many blessings. That was a sublime investment!"

July 30, 2013: "You are such a beautiful human being Bill Ritchie. I always look forward to seeing your newsletters and videos. I am so happy to know people like you exist. You are a true original renaissance man.
I love my press which you made. It has inspired me to create as I continue the process of recovery from spinal surgery.  I gaze upon the lovely lines of this beautiful press which sits in on an 18th century workman’s table in my studio. I am able to print the old etching I did before the surgeries.

"They sing to life with your machine but the dry point plates are worn. The lines are dull and I yearn to etch again. I am inspired to build up the strength in my hands again so that I can create more dry point etchings for this divine little machine which seems to transcend time! It calls me to 'create!' 'Create!' 'CREATE!'

"Blessings to you Mr. Ritchie, for sharing your true spirit and having the tenacity, creativity, engineering prowess and superb work ethic to create such an elegant piece of functional art."

Other owners of Frigate Halfwood Presses at the time of this entry are Mandi Ballard, Steven Calabrese, Clyde Downs of NSU, Craig and Marzanne Fullerton, April Gleason, Pamela Hathaway, Cecilia Langer, Lu McBride, Lionel Pailler, John F. W. Rogers, Fox Anthony Spears, and Wil Tuthill. One can click on these names to link to these owners' pages.

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