Bill Ritchie Work in Washington
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The Turner Collection


Target Heart I

Specifications: 1971. Lithograph drawn on stone. Printed light green solid background and black image, 9 5/8 X 12 5/8 in on 12 5/8 X 15 1/4 in Van Gelder Zonen natural buff.

Artist's comment: The crayon manner of drawing lithographs is an antique approach to the art of lithography on stone, and it is a great way to contemplate and entertain oneself through inner dialogs. The placid water in which my imaginary target is half-submerged equals my state of mind when I draw this way, or, similarly, with silverpoint. Target I was the first in its series. Several followed and theyl started with the crayon manner. I built strong easels for the stones-- weighing up to 100 pounds each--to be like a drawing or painting surface.

Collections: Greg Both, Billie Bryan, Gwen Howell, Richard Morhous, Lynda Ritchie, Margit Scucz Estate, Nellie Sunderland and others.

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