Bill Ritchie Work in Montana
in the

John Stinson Collection

(Left) Mariner Halfwood Press No. 2 which is like John's No. 4.
(Right) Century Halfwood Press No. 1

2009. Mariner Halfwood Press, Serial No. 4. See another early Mariner owner in a collection - click here

Artist's Comment: John bought his Mariner in April, 2009 after he saw it on YouTube. John is a landscape artist, focusing his images on the Northwest area known as the Skagit Valley. He exhibits his work in his Seattle Gallery, and on his Website you can learn more about his art - click here.

In 2017, he saw the Century Halfwood Press, the "mother of all halfwoods" for sale on eBay and he offered the winning bid. The photo shows the press as it appeared at its last location, the Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center where Bill Ritchie had loaned it for their program development.

(Left) Bill and John posing on the day he picked up his Mariner., April 17, 2009.
(Right) Angielena Vitale Chamberlain (founder of the Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center) and Bill as they agreed on loan
of the Century Halfwood Press to the centre for program development. Years later, Bill needed to sell it and John bought it.

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