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Dolhathai Srijamcharoen Collection

Active and passive sides of Legacy Mini Halfwood Press No. 13
shown with its accesory box and bench clamp.

Legacy Mini Halfwood Press No. 13 (sn60013)

Specifications: Made in 2005. Mini Halfwood Press. Serial No. 60013. Rollers are 1.5 x 5.75 inches top and bottom. The bed is 1/4 x 6 x 17 inch polycarbonate (the standard); overall length is 17.5 inches; overall width is 9 inches; overall height is 10 inches; weight, about 14 lbs; drive wheel is 8 inches diameter in stainless steel; the woods are black walnut base and Brazilian ipe cladding on steel, with mahogany hood and ipe capping on the hood-ends. This is a vintage Mini Halfwood Legacy, so the hood was re-fitted with a brass medallion set in red sealing wax. The instrument box is poplar trimmed in red heart, ipe, and bloodwood. Included are felt blankets, gripper pad, copper plate, Allen Wrench, User's Manual, bench clamp and CD/ROM version of the "Press Ghost."

The hood of #13 got a make-over with a brass "coin" set in sealing wax.

Artist's comment: Dolhathai Srijamcharoen sent an email early in November and said she had been watching my YouTube videos constantly and was ready to buy. I had a previously-owned model I had just received from an owner (he changed to ceramics and no longer wanted to keep his press) and she said that would suit her fine. I refurbished the press, made some additions to be more like later Minis, and sent it to her in New York.

You can read an article about Dolhathai and her partner, Scott, at

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