Bill Ritchie Artwork in Washington State
in the

Matthew Spoonemore Collection

Black Bridge

Specifications: 1977. Intaglio, mezzotint. Black, ochre. Image 4 X 5 3/4 in on 6 X 7 1/2 in Van Gelder Zonen (Natural, buff) paper. Artist Proof. Signed lower right. First exhibited at Davidson Galleries, Seattle.

Artist's statement: I experimented with mezzotint occasionally. My first attempts were sprinkled throughout the 'sixties and 'seventies, and this Little Bridge is my favorite. But I never printed an edition. The prospect was too tedious, I guess. Looking back, I remember this was just as video art was maturing, computer graphics was on the horizon, and things were moving pretty fast; mezzotint must be one of the slowest ways an artist work that there is!

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