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"Homage to Hayter"

Provenance: 2002. Drawing in silverpoint on tinted ground. Silver-gray on white and yellow, orange tinted gesso and layered paper-on-wood. Image goes to borders of 8 in. X 10 in. wood, paper panel. Signed lower right.

Artist Comment: Stanley Hayter died awhile back, but his life story is so vivid, thousands of people remember him. Not only was a fine artist, with paintings and prints in collections worldwide, he also was a great world teacher. I aspired to be like him, and open my printmaking and multimedia arts studio to artists from all over. I visited him in 1969 and 1983, and on that last visit I videotaped our meeting. Hayter talked with me at length, commenting at one point that he had "five good years left to continue his work." That was on May 3, 1983. He died on May 4, 1988--five years almost to the day. I made this drawing as a study for a print to honor him, and that print is part of a portfolio of prints by artists who make relief prints on the theme of music as Hayter taught principles of music to complement his advice on composition of printing plates..

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