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Valentin Sivyakov Collection

Valentin's Mini Etching Press No. 6266

Mini Etching Press mep6266

About Valentin Sivyakov: Valentin comes from a family of miniatures and traditional icon painters in Russia. "Born and raised in small Russian town name Palekh in famaly of lacquer miniature painters Evgeny Sivyakov and Tatyana Kotyxina. For generations, Valentin Sivyakov’s family were Russian icon painters. This art is steeped in history, passion, and precision. Valentin grew up surrounded by the rich tapestry of traditional Russian art." - Visual Sage. He now lives in Savannah, Georgia working as an illustrator, photographer and designer. He found his Mini Etching Press on Etsy in November, 2020, and plans to extend his offering to include woodworking and original prints. His website is

Specifications: Made in 2020. Mini Etching Press. Serial No. mep6266. Equipped with a 6-inch wide, gear-and-rack-driven, 3/8 thick by 14" long acetal bed fitted with safety stops. Rollers are 2 1/4" diameter polished, unique steel. The pressure screws are linked so they stay in sync. With a mechanical advantage of over 6:1, one can easily print 5 X 7-inch intaglio, relief, stencil or planographic plates. Made with American black walnut wood with distinctive color and character, hand-milled and finished in tung oil to a satin luster. Embellished with hand-crafted brass barrel nut fasteners and brass knobs on the tightening screws.

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