A Bill Ritchie Artwork in the

Seattle Sheraton Collection



1982. Lithograph, offset. Ten colors, variations of yellow, red, pink, blue, gray Handschy inks on pH Neutral Superfine Bristol. Edition of 150, 20 Artist Proofs. A/P 16. 22X34 in. Signed Lower right.

Artist's Comment: Loci is the plural of locus, the path of a moving point. The two heart-shapes are patterns I used in plotting a 3-D computer animation in 1981-- two years after I was introduced to computer 3-D modeling and simulation by Paul Lewis, computer graphics Prof at the UW. Paul's first instruction to me was "bring me the X, Y and Z coordinates of those heart patterns. We'll digitize them--their points-of-view (station-points)." The object--a wave square--was then drawn by computer, using data of the object and the data in the viewpoints. I drew the object many times by hand and made a 29-foot sculpture, "Wave Square" for Bumbershoot, Seattle (a giant twisted T-Square drafting tool).

I plotted the station-points, and fell in love with the shapes describing the paths, or loci, of the stations. The shapes ( heart-like forms with the station-point numbers around the perimeters) are the X, Y and Z axes of his moving path around the object. The animation is on see-through pages in my Wave Square book.

This Loci print was commissioned by the Seattle Sheraton as part of the Northwest Artists project--a  lithograph printed from ten  plates I drew and which master lithographer Charles Matson printed a hundred-fifty prints for the Seattle Sheraton suites. Besides the Seattle Sheraton, it is in six private collections in New York, California and Washington. Videotape documents when the print was created at Winn Press, Seattle..

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