Bill Ritchie art in Maryland
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Ann Shafer Collection

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"Wave Square School"

Provenance: 1979 Intaglio printed from etched zinc plate. Image 12 X 9 in on 15 1/2 X 10 1/2 in Van Gelder Zonen (Natural, buff) paper. One of 76 impressions, including a special collector's edition published by Davidson Galleries. See also the Dan Mayer, Jundt Art Gallery, and Clint Pehrson Collections.

About Ann Shafer: Consultant, storyteller and print evangelist. See her on Linkedin and her projects page. She bought the print for her husband.

Artist's comment: The Wave Square had evolved from my "Squares" series (originating in a distorted T-Square like those that engineers and architects used t have on their drafting tables). At one point I used an architect's program to give me hundreds of views of the wave square, drawn on a computer plotter. Some of these views became the masters for a soft-ground etching for the print, "Wave Square School". The plotter drew on thin tracing paper, so when I overlaid them I could see several layers of the image.

Later, I wanted to create a mass of wave squares based on an experience I had at a fish hatchery. Looking in deep water I could see nothing, then I realized all I could see were thousands of fishes, a school. Like that school, I imagined thousands of T-squares in deep water.

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