From Bill Ritchie's Collected posters
in Washington State in the

Heather Scearce Collection


Awazu Poster "Tokyo Rose"

Specifications: Poster. Offset lithography on sulphite paper.

About the artist: In the retrospective exhibition catalong is written the phrase, "Awazu’s design from the perspective of his undying interest in ordinary people and his primary motivation—'Designing society' which hints at this artist's overriding philosophy. He lived through WWII and for the rest of his life he dreamed his art would somehow make the world a better placed. A reading of the full text, linked from the museum to this page, will reward the reader and owners of the two posters from the Ritchie Family collection.

Other owners: _____________

Back story: Bill Ritchie went to Japan in 1976 on his first sabbatical from the UW School of Art. Michitaka Nakahara, an art teacher in Tokyo, and Akira Kurosaki, a designer and art professor in Kyoto were his hosts. While he was in Japan Bill collected Kiyoshi Awazu’s large rose and the smaller design, visbible in the lower right corner poster, from the previous year's Tokyo Art Festival. For more information scan the QR code, or click here. On the catalog cover below, click for a PDF download.

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Five-minute video showing one poster framed with NFC features

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