Bill Ritchie art work in California
in the

Luis Salas Collection

About this artwork: This 5 7/8” x 3 7/8” monoprint by Bill Ritchie, was printed with the Intaglio printmaking method. The dark brown lines are etchings after Rembrandt’s self-portrait with a plate tone background. It is signed in the lower right corner (imprinted). It is in a display 10" x 8" frame suitable for hanging.
Bill Ritchie’s comments are printed on the back label: “Using the silicon transfer method for the image from the web, I etched a copper plate with the tiny print, ‘Self-Portrait in a cap, open mouthed,’ by Rembrandt. I did this for the Sip 'N Print startup series, when people interact with printmakers.” The label can be accessed by opening the back of the frame.

A video titled "Print the Intaglio Way" is available on YouTube showing how the print was printed.

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