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Peter Rowan Collection

A secret in the hood of his Legacy Mini Halfwood Press #99

Legacy Mini Halfwood No. 99

Artist's comment: Peter decided to get two Halfwoods - a Pram (not shown) and a Legacy Mini Halfwood. A world traveler, Peter had been looking at prints at every opportunity and now to make prints was his next artistic move. In 2012 he took delivery of Legacy Mini Halfwood Press. Serial No. 60099. I made it with black walnut base and Brazilian ipe cladding on steel, with black walnut, holly, ebony and cocobolo on the hood-ends and capping the flat top. The instrument box, containing felt blankets, copper plate, an Allen Wrench, User's Manual, CD PressGhost and DVD was made of poplar. I trimmed it in ipe, cocobolo and paduk.

In the week before Peter came to Seattle to get his press - and some pointers on printmaking - I wrote outlines of story arcs for fourteen songs and called it the Emeralda Songbook. Peter is a renouned musician, and as is often the case, what I learn about the person for whom I'm making a press has an influence on my thinking and my visions for future artworks. I had a vision of Peter actually taking up the Emeralda Songbook project for real, maybe, after he gets his Bill Monroe book done.

The tiny, first draft of this song book is hidden inside the hood of Peter's press, along with a couple of "I heart my mini halfwood press" guitar picks and two artist stamps of the press.

Peter wanted a printmaker chest, too, which I built for his Legacy Mini Halfwood press. His Web site is:

Peter Rowan's Printmaker Chest for his Legacy Mini Hallfwood Press


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