Bill Ritchie's own design work in Washington State
in the collection of

Bill and Lynda Ritchie

The Legacy Mini Halfwood Press #1

Specifications: SN6001, made in 2004. Mini Halfwood Press. Ipe, walnut, steel, brass. Serial Number 6001, with a unique brass medallion, built-in clock, music box, flash drive (called Press Ghost), roller rulers, and both a polycarbonate bed and a brass bed.

Ritchie's Comment: The first Mini Halfwood Press I designed and finished. Made by The Kughler Company in Seattle, Washington after our first Halfwood press, the Century. The "mother of all halfwoods" had a 24-inch wide bed, and Tom Kughler made a quarter-scale model on my suggestion. I wanted a model "just to look at," and it turned out it worked as well in printing as the big one! After trying it on the street, in parks, and in backroom demonstrations, I made a chest for it.

Printmaker's Chest for Mini Halfwood Press No. 1

Painting by Bill Ritchie

Study of Mariner Halfwood Press

Specifications: pa081015rit. Encaustic over pencil. White, brown, rose and graphite. Image 24" x 36" on white paper mounted on board. Signed lower right.

Ritchie's Comment: When I made drawings of the Halfwood Presses they were both useful technical drawings and potential artworks. In this case, I mounted a sketch for a shipping box idea to board and trying my hand at encaustic on it.

Availability: Available as of July 12, 2018. See variations available from Emeralda Works at 

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