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Brian Queen Collection

WeeWoodie Rembrandt Press
The WeeWoodie Rembrandt Press - DIY kit, left, and finished look

About Brian Queen: Brian is a book artist, paper maker and inventor in Calgary, Canada. He is featured on Alberta Craft Council website: "Brian Queen has been making paper for 25 years utilizing a wide range of materials and techniques. He specializes in creating light and shade watermarks and building papermaking equipment but his interest spans from letterpress printing to new technology applications in bookarts.  He owns and operates Sensa-Light, making custom architectural lighting.  His experiments in papermaking and technology has led him to create many wonderful objects, one being his working miniature paper making kit in a box.

WeeWoodie Rembrandt Press Specifications: Made in 2015.

Bill Ritchie's comment: Brian e-contacted me in September, 2015, ordering a WeeWoodie and included the fact that he is a crafter and inventor much like me. For certain he is! He sent photos of some of his work.


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