Bill Ritchie Design Work in Singapore
with the

Jay Pow Collection

Passive and active sides of the Launch/Plasteel No. 1 , original prototype

Launch/Plasteel No. 1

Specifications: 2013. Launch/Plasteel. Serial No. 6p0001a. Specifications: Rollers are 1.5 x 6 and 5.5 inches top and bottom. The bed is 1/4 x 6 x 14.5 inch polycarbonate (the standard) with steel rack; overall length is 15 inches; overall width is 9 inches; overall height is 10 inches; weight, about 12 lbs; drive wheel is 8 inches diameter in stainless steel. The bed is rack-driven, approximating a 3:1 mechanical advantage. The body of the press is Starboard. The pressure screws are linked and synchronized. The press included two etching felts, user's manual, a PressGhost flash drive in an original, feathered toy hat, a chase for printing 1/4" thick plates, and the book, "Halfwood Press: The story," Bill Ritchie's memoir describing his press designing background.

Ritchie's comment: J. Pow noticed the halfwood presses online and wrote to ask about them. An exchange of emails ensued, and Bill offered him the original, collector's prototype of the new design using a man-made material, "Starboard." J., who is interested in the textural possiblities with an etching press, asked about embossing, so Bill made a video to demonstrate, using a woodcut.

Click to see the demonstration for J. Pow on a Halfwood press

Also view J Pow's press demonstrated before it was packed and shipped,
printing with chocolate "ink" at a book-signing and wine-tasting fest.


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