Bill Ritchie's art in Washington State
in the

Peggy and Gerald Pomeroy Collection


"Morning Tree "

Provenance: 1965. Print. Relief. Printed from hand-cut wood plate in reductive manner. Colored inks. Image 13 X 13 in. on Asian paper. No. 5/5. Signed lower right. Also in the collections of Erin Goodwin-Guerrero, G. I. Quimby, an anonymous collector in Turkey, and the Marysville School District collection.

About Gerald Pomeroy: He was an architect who worked on a number of institutional buildings, including schools, hospitals and the University of Washington. He was a prolific artist, too, sketching many buildings around Seattle and on the UW campus. Gerald Pomeroy passed away in May, 2012. His wife, Peggy, continues to display this work and other art in their collection..

Bill Ritchie's comment: Gerry Pomeroy answered a request that I sent to him in 1986, asking him about the print. He wrote back: "It was on display at the Henry Gallery. I believe it was a dsiplay of UW Faculty work and was likely 1969 Fall or early 1970. We've enjoyed 'Morning Tree' very much and it has a place of prominence in our home for display. - Yours truly, Gerry Pomeroy". The show to which he referred was the "Six Group Show," at the Henry, introducing newly hired faculty of the art school.

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