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Mark Pinkerton Collection

Mini Halfwood Press #43, active side

Detail of the hood with the unique wood laminate.

Specifications: Made in 2009. Mini Halfwood Press Serial Number 60043.

Press Maker's Notes: The woods used on this press are solid dark walnut, ipe cladding on the steel, and ebony trim. The hood that covers the top roller is walnut with ebony caps on the ends and ebony and rosewood in its center with the coin-sized brass medallion. I cut the parts and finished them to fit the steel parts, oiled with teak oil and rubbed to a smooth finish. There is room under the bed, between the base’ sides, for a handmade box for storing felts and printmakers’ instruments. There are four gold-filled knobs on the pressure screw handles. This is only the third press to which I added these beads.

Artist's Comment: Mark Pinkerton discoved the Halfwood Presses online and asked about the price. I discovered he is vice president of a manufacturing company, and Mark is a CAD expert. We agreed to barter: Mark would create a virtual CAD press and I would make him a real-world one. For several weeks they exchanged files between Georgia and Washington State. Finally, Mark's completed model came via the Web, and I sent him the press via UPS.

You can see the Press Test on YouTube.

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