Bill Ritchie art in Washington State
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The Clint Pehrson Collection

"Wave Square School"

Provenance: 1979 Intaglio printed from etched zinc plate. Image 12 X 9 in on 15 1/2 X 10 1/2 in Van Gelder Zonen (Natural, buff) paper. One of 76 impressions, including a special collector's edition published by Davidson Galleries. See also the Dan Mayer, Jundt Art Gallery, and Ann Shafer Collections.

Artist's comment: The Wave Square had evolved from my "Squares" series (originating in a distorted T-Square like those that engineers and architects used on their drafting tables). At one point I used an architect's program to give me hundreds of views of the wave squares, drawn by a computer and printed on a plotter. Some of these views became the master outlines for a soft-ground etching on a copper plate for the print, "Wave Square School". The plotter drew on thin tracing paper. By hand I traced them so that, when I overlaid them, I could see several layers of the image.

Later, I wanted to create a mass of wave squares based on an experience I had one day at a fish hatchery. Looking in deep water at first I could see nothing; all of a sudden I realized that all I could see were thousands of fishes, a moving layer like a rippling blanket of fishes. Like that school, I imagined thousands of T-squares in deep water.

About Mr. Pehrson: "Clint Pehrson has practiced architecture in Seattle since 1980, specializing in facilities for cultural institutions—libraries, churches, civic, and arts organizations. He was one of the original investors who made it possible to purchase the building and create the Town Hall Seattle we know today." - Town Hall Past and Future

He called me after being given the print in recognition for his volunteer civic work to find out more about the print. For availability and pricing information, contact Davidson Galleries Contemporary Print Department, or my family or heirs, below.

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