Bill Ritchie's work in Texas

Natalie Oltermann Collection

Passive side (above) and active side of the Oltermann press in purple heart. (Photos courtesy of Natalie)

Mini Halfwood Press Number 50

Specifications: Made in 2009. Etching Press. SN60050. Purple heart with ebony trim, steel, brass, Lexan.

Artist's Comment: Natalie was venturing from her college years into her professional life, I think, when she sent email. She wasn't sure which halfwood to get, and I commented that a mini might be most appropriate for someone planning to teach. She agreed. She wrote: " I love the whole process of printmaking.  From preparing the plate and the paper for printing to actually pulling the print through the press, I feel like printmaking is a full body and mind experience.  I also love how you can make multiple images that record the process of how your print grew."

Click here for video test of this press.

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