Bill Ritchie Work in Norway

in the

Rolf Nesch Estate Collection

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Provenance: From "My Nesch Prints Series" #7 1969. Print. Intaglio and relief. Printed from Rolf Nesch's technique "metalgrafik." Black, brown, red on ochre backing. 16 in. X 22 in. image on 19 X 24 Van Gelder Zonen buff. Signed lower right.

Comment: When I learned his metal grafik technique in his studio, I printed ten times over the course of two weeks. As it was time to leave, he instructed me to buy the paper he liked when we passed through The Netherlands and, when I got back to Seattle, print from the plate I made and send him one. I was never able to get this done and after many months I sent him one I'd done in his studio--with apologies. I guess he liked it bccause he sent me a pack of the VGZ paper! Learn about Rolf Nesch in Wikipedia, read the article about his museum online.

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