Bill Ritchie's art in Washington State
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Hans Nelson Estate Collection

Note: The image of No. 2 is unavailable, a substitute image is used.

Mini Halfwood Press No. 2

Specifications: Made in 2004. Legacy Mini Halfwood Press. Serial No. 60002. Black walnut, ipe, steel, plastic, brass.

Artist's comment: Hans drove to Seattle from Cosmopolis (a 118-mile drive from the coast) expressly for the purpose of seeing Bill’s first Halfwood Press demonstration at Daniel Smith, Inc. It was in November of 2004. Hans bought No. 2. He wrote a check for it and then returned home, becoming the first person to buy a Mini Halfwood press. There was no word from him after that, in spite of periodic emails and newsletters mailed to him. Finally, in a reply to a Christmas card in December 2008, Trish Nelson said Hans died in 2005 - only a few months after he bought the press. Asked if she wanted to sell it, she replied that his family was going to keep he press for the children.

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