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Mark Mueller  Collection

He Explained, We Listened

Provenance: 1997 Monotype, intaglio and handwriting. Black, white, red, purple, orange Daniel Smith & Faust inks. Image 12 X 9 in. on 15 1/8 X 12 1/4 white Lennox paper. Signed, A/P, lower right corner of plate. Exhibited Nagoya/Seattle Exchange; Davidson Galleries, Seattle.

Artist's statement: I joined the Open Press at Daniel Smith Inc. and, later, George Woodall's Studio. These were like printmakers' sports bars, with lots of improvisation and exchanges. At Smith's, an artist was throwing away some Lenox backing paper with all her overprinting on it. What an interesting mess she had made on it! I saved it printed over it; months later I folded it and put it in my pocket to take to lunch with some teachers in Silverdale. One, a math teacher, explained hypertext teaching. I gave him my print to make his diagram on. This print was later shown in the Nagoya/Seattle printmakers exhibition in Japan, and it was even reproduced in the catalog!

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