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Provenance: Print. 1982. Cyanotype Commemorative Poster.  Six-color offset lithograph. Tones of blue, overprinted with transparent gloss yellow process PMS inks on white 165 lb Warren Patina pH Neutral paper. 40 X 24 3/4 in. Eleven hundred printed. 850 recycled as catalog covers. Signed.

Artist's Comment: Though this poster was printed by offset lithography, we made the plates from hand-drawn masters. To create the blended colors I worked with the plate maker and printer plus I mixed the inks. Three sources make the image: A map of the Colorado River, a leaf-like diagram the artist uses for computer animation and the famous woodblock print by Hokusai titled "The Great Wave . . ." I was influenced by cartography, computer technology and Japanese culture and also my family and studio mates as I thought of names for my fantasy map. Hide Horiuchi was part of the Carl Youngman and Eleanor Mathews group and they had a hand in helping me realize the image of the map background. He acquired the print when it was newly published, and then replaced it (it was damaged some time later) in 2005.

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