Bill Ritchie design work in Washington State
in the

Geri McNeil Collection

Note: Snapshot through glass with reflections

Dog and Dreamer I

Provenance: 1987. Print, cyanotype, painting and drawing. Blue, black, pink, white. Image 13 X 17 3/4 in. on 18 X 22 in Rives BFK (?) rag paper. Signed lower right. Purchased at the artist's former Mini Art Gallery and workshop which was located on Taylor Avenue, Seattle, in 2007.

Artist's Comment: I call this the "Mother of all the Dog and Dreamer series". The handmade dogs come from the idea I had in '84 to echo the music, "Handmade Dog" that Norman Durkee played for me when he got a new synthesizer for his studio. I wanted to do a series in graphics that were like his music. Norman's piece was happy and silly; some of my variations, like this one, are the opposite.

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