Bill Ritchie's work in the collection of

Dr. Charles McCann

This is a stock image of the artwork - not a photo of the owner's actual print

My Father's Farm

1972. Print. Intaglio and relief printed from etched plate in thalo green w/black, blue and yellow on Arches Cover white. Image 16 1/4 X 22 3/4 in on 20 3/4 X 29 3/4 in. No. ___. Signed lower right. Collections also Gloria Abbenhouse, Lee Altman, Jocelyn Curry and Rick Asher, Everett Public Library, Billie Jane Ritchie Bryan, Jocelyn Curry & Rick Asher, Kay Pruvich, Lynda Ritchie, Kathryn Sharp, Nellie Adelle Ritchie Sunderland, Seattle Juvenile Center and others.

Ritchie's Comment: My Father's Farm is named for the real place, where we used siphon hoses for irrigation. Those bright, early mornings were only a farm boy's memory in 1960. When I made this print in 1972, it was in very different world in which I had come to live. The image was composed from a video photograph made in my first video art experiments, using 16 mm film, facing toward Eastern Washington where my father's farm had been. The film was of a sunrise over the Cascade Mountains and the image was my drawing of the same title.

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