Bill Ritchie Work in Washington State
in the

The Markovitz-Millett  Collection

Target Heart with Plume

Provenance: 1973. Target Heart with Plume. Lithograph & relief. Black, buff, red, brown. Image 12 X 17 inches on 15 1/2 X 19 1/4 inch Japanese Etching paper chine-colle'd on Rives BFK. 

Artist's statement: I drew on a lithograph stone, taking the image from a column of white steam I saw along the ship canal visible from my Halladay Street studio. The pattern at the bottom is copied in wood from the video raster, little blips of light caught speeding back and forth on the monitor by my camera. The target and its reflection has a ring of random shapes floating around -- shapes that I made by tracing around mathematic calculations. Twenty years later, when I was trying to visualize the ten islands in Emeralda Region (my imaginary territory for my game, Emeralda) I used this image to map those imaginary islands, taking outlines from the random shapes.

Back story: I met Sherry Markovitz and Peter Millet when they were graduate students at the University of Washington School of Art. We kept in contact after they graduated. Later, I entered this print in the Renton Art Festival, and it won an award, and that's when Sherry and Peter added it to their own collection.

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