Bill Ritchie Work in Georgia

Gift of Agnes Chan Low to daughter

Images: "My life in a nutshell" and detail

"My life in a nutshell"

Specifications: 2020. Ephemera. Approximately 5" X 5" X 1 1/2" tin box with nine walnuts inside, each one with a strip showing which number it is, corresponding to the sampler in side the lid and in the base. They describe the so-called nine-box method of writing and storytelling.

Artist's comment: Agnes Chan Low and another stopped in our Mini Art Gallery, looked around and settled on the small tin box I was using to compose "My life in a nutshell," a way I plan to concentrate my memoirs into the smallest possible space. She bought it for her daughter, a student in Georgia. When she saw the image reproduced in Volume 5 of my Catalog Raisonne, she wanted it, too - plus she wanted me to sign it. I gave her a copy of my memoir, "The Payoff," Volume 8, gratis.

Image: Catalog Raisonne, Volume 5 and "The Payoff," Vol. 8 of memoirs.

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