Bill Ritchie's art in Washington State
in the

Clare Livingston Collection

Hasty Bridge at Sunrise

Provenance: 1978. Hasty Bridge at Sunrise. Woodblock, monoprint with hand-coloring. Black, pink, yellow image 8 1/2 X 5 in on 10 1/2 X 6 1/2 tan "antique" Asian paper. Unnumbered. Signed lower right. Framed in collector, gilt frame.

Artist's statement: I "play" with woodblocks and watercolor. The Asian block-printing technique invites this. Also known as "sosaku hanga" it is the range of printing processes that use water base inks instead of the western oil base. When I painted the pink color in the bottom, I could not help but remember the drink, Tequila Sunrise

Loop da Loo

Provenance: 2000. Loop da Loo #0008070628. Woodblock, pen and ink, pencil on notebook paper. 8 1/2 X 11 inches. Signed, lower right.

Artist's statement: These are actual pages from my August, 2000 journal. The handwriting is my entry on August 7-8, 2000. The moment numbers indicate the exact date and time. I was making sketches for a calendar based on the life of Elmer Gates. With each sketch, I?d think, "How nice it would be if I had a color woodblock so I could play with the spaces in between!"-- what people call "negative spaces". I thought if I could make a woodcut to color those spaces in, it would have a positive effect.

This is what I wrote on these two pages: "0008081340 Someone asked, “What’s the use of inventing a game so complex that ordinary people cannot play?” I answer that when today’s games were invented, centuries ago, ordinary people could not play. Emeralda was invented about 100 years ago under a different name and with only a faint idea of the technology to invent it. Elmer Gates is probably the real inventor, and he forecast 100 years later peole would understand. I am an ordinary one who understands what he meant."

"0008070628 Vision: Real Space is a preparation room for my retrospective – a section of each part represents the whole – the whole is greater than the sum . . . it’s my entry for the Gates Prize. The Word: To do IT better."

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