Bill Ritchie's art in Washington State
in the

Paul Lippert Collection

Note that this photo was taken through glass
and is approximation of the actual print.

Locus and Sea Squares

Provenance: 1982. Woodcut and cyanotype print. Gray, purple, ochre, orange and black on Torinoko. No. 28 of a variable edition of 141 monoprints. Image size 21 ½ X 15 in. Signed lower right, title across the top margin.

Artist's Comment: This print is from 141 proofs in "cycles" of approximately 15 each of different color series. They are proofs I made using processes of cyanotype, woodcut, and intaglio techniques in a series of monoprints. The images come from 3 sources: (1) A map based on the Colorado River, at a location known as the Crossing of the Fathers; (2) the leaf-like shape I call locus--the path of a moving point (I drew these to help establish data for use in a computer program). And (3) the Great Wave after the famous print by Hokusai. I produced a video of making the series, available now on DVD.

Note: This is a facsimile of the actual print in collection.

Edmonds Arts Festival Commemorative

Provenance: 2008 Print. Intaglio. Sienna on white Fabriano paper. Image 3 1/2 X 5 inches. Unnumbered print from a variable edition printed at the festival.

Artist's Comment: Whenever I go out to an event with my Mini Halfwood Press, I try to create a commemorative image in the design of a stamp for that event. In this instance it was for the Edmonds Arts Festival, in Edmonds, Washington. The image is of our granddaughter who, one day was waiting in my studio while we were discussing presses with other grownups. Bored, she wrote a short essay, and I combined her words with the candid photo I made of her.

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