Bill Ritchie art in
from the

Susan Lindahl Collection

Earth Week Commemorative

Provenance: 2008. Monoprint. Intaglio. Black and blue printed from etched copper plate. Image 3 X 5 in. on 4 X 8 1/2 in. natural Magnani paper. Stamp affixed on left. Signed lower left.

Artist's Comment: When my daughter was invited to have her coffee shop, Blue Saucer, participate in an Earth Week event at North Seattle Community College, we decided on the theme of Birds of the Coffee World. They migrate to coffee growing areas and live in the trees that shade the coffee Billie serves. Our other daughter provided the bird image that I etched into a stamp format.

Awaiting photograph

At the Caffe Vita I

Provenance: 2005. Print. Intaglio. Softground etching on two copper plates, printed two chine colle's layers of buff papers. Image 7 X 10 in. on 11 X 14 recycled Arches cover. 1/1. Signed lower right.

Artist's Comment: When I returned to college to teach drawing one quarter in 2003, I practiced sketching in a coffee shop near my studio. Later I translated one sketch on to two copper plates, using soft ground. Writing my sketchbook/journal notes backwards was hard to do, but I liked the effect, nevertheless. This is one impression of two that I printed.

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