Bill Ritchie's art in Washington State
in the

Frances Liao Goldman Collection 

Two stamps not included in Frances' collection (center) shown for detail

Selection of artistamps

Provenance: Digital print. Twenty-one selected artistamps with handwriting. Multiple-color images custom mounted in  8 X 10 frame. Includes gift to Frances Liao from Buddha Gate, a Buddhist Monastery in California. Signed lower right. Framed in wood collector frame.

About Frances: At the time we met, Frances was President of Pacific Group International, in Renton, Washington. Learn more about Frances Liao in an article, click here.

Artist's Comment:  I met Frances during my stay at the experiment called the SIM, a project in which Frances had a booth next to mine. She taught me a great deal about Buddhism, also marketing and sales and she wanted a set of my 40-year collection of ArtistStamps, plus she wanted to add one of her own to the frame I made for the set. My artist's stamps date back to the mid-sixties when I drew tiny silverpoint drawings and pasted them on letters addressed to fictional addresses. They always came back with the postal services "Return to Sender" stamped on them. In 2003, as I neared the closure of my 3-year retrospective of my 40 years in art, I created a collection of 40 stamps, one for each year, using an artwork selected from that year. Collectors sometimes asked for "custom framed" sets, like this one which I created for Frances.

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