Bill Ritchie design work in Washington State
in the

Levine - Keppeler Collection

Elephant Print

Provenance: 2019 print. Intaglio and relief. Image size 9 3/4 in. wide X 8 in. tall; paper size 11 in. x 9 1/4 in. Signed in pencil, E/V center and B. Ritchie 2019 at lower right.

About the collectors: They purchased the print during the Seattle Print Arts Northwest Printmakers Invitational at co-sponsoring Davidson Galleries

Bill's comment: Printed for the June 5, 2019 demonstration at the Impact Hub, Seattle, with Rewana Nduchwa, CEO of Chabana Farms in Botswana. The background plate made is etched copper plate was made by Bill Ritchie for an Earth Day 2009 commemorative print collaboration with his granddaughter, Matilda. He resurrected the plate from his archive for use in 2019 as part of a collaboration with Mma Nduchwa (her image is in the print) to promote a concept for funding arts programming in her community schools. This was part of an international impact investment collaboration.

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