Bill Ritchie design work in Washington State
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Mark Levine Collection


Locus and the Sea Squares

Provenance: 1982. Intaglio, relief, stencil, litho. (colors). Image 21 1/2 X 15 in. on 29 X 20 1/2 in. (Paper name) paper. Number uncertain. Shown is a black-and-white version in lieu of the color one that is in Mr. Levine's collection. You can see a similar version, colored, in another collection: Click here.

Artist's Comment: This print is from a series of 141 trial proofs and artist's proofs in "cycles" of approximately 15 each, of different color series. They are proofs which I made in the processes of cyanotype, woodcut, and intaglio techniques. The result is a series of monotypes. The images derive from three sources: The map is based on the Colorado River, a vicinity known once as the Crossing of the Fathers; the leaf-like shape I call locus--the path of a moving point (I drew these to help establish data for use in a computer program). The Great Wave was drawn to resemble the famous print by Hokusai. Besides the pleasure of meeting people who want to take this print into their personal collections, I have shown the print numerous times and it has given me many rewards, nationally & regionally.

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