Bill Ritchie design work in Washington State
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John Leonard Collection

"Four Pheasants"

Provenance: 1963. Screen print. Gray, brown, orange, green, white. Image 19 in. X 14 in. on 22 X 18 in sulfite paper. No. 5/16. Signed lower right. See also the Louis Kollmeyer and Frank and Susan Crow Collections.

Artist's statement: I lived on my father's farm until I went to college, and on his Wapato farm, in the winter, pheasants would fly up into the bare trees to roost at night. On a moonlit night you could see them profiled against the gray sky. Hoar frost covered the ground. It's gray all over in the Yakima Valley, in the winter time. I learned screen printing from Reino Randall at Central Washington State college, and made this print for my graduate show that was coming in the spring of 1964.

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