Bill Ritchie design work in Washington State
in the

Peggy Anne Larson Collection


Placeholder image of No. 12.

Legacy Mini Halfwood Press No. 12

Specifications: Made in 2005. Legacy Mini Halfwood Press. Serial No. 60012. Black walnut, ipe, steel, plastic, brass.

Comment: In November I gave my third demonstration at Daniel Smith on the theme of artist’s stamps. In the Q&A session, Peggy Larson asked, “Can you print collagraphs?” It happened that I had a piece of mat board—a sixteenth-inch thick paper stock that one can use for making collagraphs. With a razor-sharp utility knife I scored a design in the surface, inked and printed it. So the answer was Yes and Peggy became the owner of number 12. I recently discovered that Peggy has a WordPress site.


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