Bill Ritchie's design work in Washington State
in the

Sharri LaPierre Collection

"Tree Stamp Rising"

Provenance: 1991. Inkjet print. Red, yellow, green, black on white. Image 3 X 4 in. on 7 X 5 in. rag paper. Stamped with artist's signet ring and signed lower right. Purchased from the Northwest Print Council folios, 1991. 

Sharri LaPierre  wrote: "I dearly love it. I get it out and look at it from time to time and marvel at it.  I've never framed it because then I couldn't touch it as easily." - SL

Artist's comment: A computer artwork I started In 1990 as part of the Perfect Studios trilogy (and later used in the design of the first edition of the first in the series titled The Art of Selling Art) depicts three trees intertwined from their tree sprout-hood. The image became a stamp and was then chine-colle'd on to etching paper. I spattered yellow green casein paint, and finished with a hand stamp from my hand engraved gold signet ring with the MacRitchie clan, a sub-clan of the Macintosh.

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