Work by Bill Ritchie in New Mexico
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Izumi Kuroiwa & Mark Leonard Collection

Cyanotype 1981 Poster

Provenance: 1981. Six-color offset lithograph. Tones of blue, overprinted with transparent gloss yellow process PMS inks on white 165 lb Warren Patina pH Neutral paper. 40 X 24 3/4 in. The poster is also in the collections of Richard Adatto, (First name uncertain)___ Anderson, Keith Beckley, Karen & Herb Berry, Robert Biersner, Tom Blue, Greg Both, Chris Bruce, Judith Chandler, Cheri Chapman, Carl Chew, Susan Coburn, Dwight Coburn, Harriet Cody, Dick & Barbara Dahn, Norman Durkee Estate, Katherine Eckhouse, Beth Elliot, Marietta Foubert, Joan & Michael Frey, Karen Guzak, Ned Haggerty, (First name unknown) ____ Hanson, Ann G. Hauberg Estate, Maxine & Edwin Hearing, Spike Henderson, Jim Hennessey, Hide Horiuchi, Lorna Jordan, Ginger Lanier, Carolyn Law, Paul & Pam Lewis, Kent Lovelace, Sherry & Peter Markovitz, Emeline Mathews Estate, Jo Mayhew, Nancy Mee, Jean Metzger, Mark Millett, Jerry Morin, Elizabeth Neaville Estate, Mary Ann Peters, Ed Praczukowski, Kathleen Rabel, Pat Ray Estate, Kelsey Redlin, Gervais Reed Estate, Bud Richardson, Norie Sato, David Setsuda, D. G. Smith, Presha Sparling, Rita Speiser, Gene Stewart, Gordon Lee Stubbe, Susee Wampler, Glenn Webb, Wayne Zuberbuhler and others.

Bill Ritchie's Comment: Though this poster was printed by offset litho, we made the plates from hand-drawn masters. To create the blended colors, I worked with the plate maker and printer but I mixed the inks myself. Three sources make up the image: (1) A map of the Colorado River, (2) a leaf-like diagram I used for computer animation and (3) the famous woodblock print by Hokusai often called, The Great Wave . . .. Also,  I  was influenced by cartography, computer technology and Japanese culture. For landmarks I used the names of my family and Triangle Studio mates.

About Izumi and Mark: I met Izumi Kuroiwa and Mark Leonard when they were students in the art school at the UW. She was working on an MFA in printmaking at the University of Washington, and Mark, who already had a BFA in painting, was getting his BFA in printmaking. After they graduated, we all kept in touch. Izumi and Mark married. At the time when she was still a graduate student, Izumi helped me make several videotapes about moku hanga, or Japanese woodcut, for the UW students. After graduation, she joined her art with Mark's video skills to create a woodcut printmaking workshop video. They managed a successful business and continued to balance their  work in the media arts. Izumi joined a language translation company and eventually started her own enterprise. They moved to New Mexico in 2013. Their video is available from McClains Printmaking Supplies. A trailer is available below:

Izumi's comment : In 2018, Izumi wrote an essay titled, "Ritchie Sensei" which begins: “Sensei” is an honorable title in Japan for a teacher. Personally speaking, the title is only given to deserving people, and Bill Ritchie deserves it, as he was the best art teacher I had in my life." ... (Read more)

Izumi's print, a gift to Ritchie Sensei. Izumi and Mark.

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