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Sherry Krivosheev Collection

Likeness of Mini Etching Press No. 51, and the day Gleb picked up the press at the Mini Art Gallery

Mini Etching Press #51

About Sherry Krivosheev: Sherry and Gleb contacted me in 2018 before they sailed on an extended cruise. They were thinking of taking a Mini Etching press along. When they returned in 2019, Gleb saw the press as a good Christmas gift, and on the 24th of December, he came to the Mini Art Gallery and bought it and a Tom Kughler walnut accessories box for Sherry's gift. Noting there was no medallion, I offered to produce one if Sherry wishes.

Specifications: Made in 2018. Mini Etching Press. Serial No. mep6051. Specifications: Equipped with a 6-inch wide, gear-and-rack-driven, 3/8 thick by 14" long acetal bed with safety stops. Rollers are 2 1/4" diameter polished, unique nickel-plated steel. The pressure screws are linked so they stay in sync. With a mechanical advantage of over 6:1, one can easily print 5 X 7 inch intaglio plates. Made of American black walnut hand-finished in tung oil for a satin luster. Embellished with hand-crafted brass barrel nut fasteners. In addition this gift press included a handmade black walnut accessories box with inset halfwood press brass coin.

Comment: Sherry studied art at the Gage Academy. I am looking forward to learning more about her goals. Painting is what she loves now - can printmaking be valuable? Or, will the press become the kernel of another venture? Will it be interesting the their children?

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