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Billy King Collection

Mini Halfwood Press #27

Specifications: Made in 2007. Mini Halfwood Press Number 27 of the 2004-2009 series. Ipe, walnut and brass. Billy King ordered his press in December of 2007 and took delivery six months later for travel to his Mexico Studio.

Comment: Billy saw me demonstrating at the 7th Seattle Print Fair in January, '07. I promised to hold the press until he got back from Mexico in June. As soon as he returned, he got his Mini Halfwood Press No. 27 -- the last Legacy Mini Halfwood press remaining that year.

Billy King's monotypes from his contribution to the "Small is Beatiful" exhibit at
Baker University, September, 2008. The above images are not color corrected.

"Chapala Boats," relief print by Billy King inspired by scenes on Lake Chapala near his studio in Mexico.

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