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Joan Kappes Collection

Homanage a Picasso

Provenance: Monoprint. 2016. Moment number mo1604121828. Print impression 5 7/8" X 3 7/8". Intaglio, black line etching with rose tone in the bottom on 7" X 5" Dutch Van Gelder Zonen paper. Artist's vermillion hand-stamp, lower right. Composed after Picasso's "Portrait of a Man" Picasso made in 1970.

Comment: It was in 2014 when I began proposing an International Print Center Incubators and Workplaces, and 2016 when I made this. One of the new printmaking business startups I began for the International Print Center Incubators and Workplaces was "Sip 'N Print." It was to be where people meet to interact with printmaker artists. The the 2016 series at Seattle's Great Nabob Bar - across from my studio on 5th Avenue North. For this market test I copied and etched three famous artists' works: Picasso, Rembrandt and Dali. I wrote "Homanage a Picasso" where, in his original, Picasso had signed his name in 1970. In "Sip 'N Print," customers would have had choices of such copies of famous etchings and try their hand printing in 90-minute sessions - assisted, of course, by the staff. They'd print on the Mini Halfwood Presses for which I'm known as the designer.

Other collectors: Dr. Sean Licka, Anchorage, Erik Barkhaus.

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