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Steve Jorgenson Collection

Steve's snapshot of his print at home

Small Orchard, 10 trees

Steve's message to Bill March 26, 2020: Hello from Winnipeg. Thought you might enjoy this blast from the past,‘’Small Orchard 10 Trees”, which I bought from the show you had in 1972 at SPU.  Originally framed in silver  aluminum, David Allison at Allison Ross in Seattle reframed it for me 20 years ago. It has always given me a great deal of pleasure and was the first piece I ever  bought from a gallery.  Thank you. This piece leaped off the gallery walls at me, [I actually had to make payments on it,]  and started my nonstop collecting.  Now my house walls are very full from continuous collecting. I was  in Art Education at SPU in 1971 and have known Larry Metcalf ever since. Since 1975, I have been a potter in Winnipeg and am a member  of The Stoneware Gallery. - Steve

Specifications: Print. 1968. Index No. pr680320rit. Lithograph from stone. Approx. 6" X 9". Blue and black and dark green variations also. Image 6" x 9" (stone impression 7 3/4" x 9 1/2") on 12" x 15" Rives BFK paper. Printed in the University of Washington School of Art Studios. Shown at Seattle Pacific University Art Gallery. Signed lower left (?).

Comment: "Drawing with a thin wash of Korn's Lithograph ink on the correct kind of stone got me the effects I wanted and loved since my earliest encounters with lithography--I call the "Queen of the printmaking processes." Drawing is the easy part; printing is the hardest."

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