A Bill Ritchie artwork in Washington State
in the

Lorna Jordan Collection



Provenance: 1982. Lithograph, offset. Ten colors, variations of yellow, red, pink, blue, gray Handschy inks on pH Neutral Superfine Bristol. Edition of 150, 20 Artist Proofs. A/P 16. 22X34 in. Signed Lower right. Framed.

About Lorna Jordan: We met when she was in art school at the University of Washington School of Art - 1982-1984, and we continued to interact when she was part of Triangle Studios, an arts and culture incubator. Her graphics on the subject of prehistoric cave paintings and relics probably influenced my observation that printing is a distinctly different art form from painting. Her WEBSITE shows her extensive public and environmental art accomplishments.

Artist's comment: "Loci is the plural of locus, the path of a moving point. The two heart-shapes are patterns for plotting a 3-D computer animation I used in 1981, two years after I was introduced to 3-D modeling by Paul Lewis. Paul's first instruction was "Bring in the X, Y and Z coordinates of your hearts". I had drawn the object, my sculpture, "wave square” - like a twisted T-Square used in drafting. By the time I plotted the station-points, I loved the shapes meant to describe the paths, or loci. These shapes (two heart-like forms with the station-point numbers around their perimeters) are the X, Y and Z axes of my moving path around the object. This print was commissioned by the Seattle Sheraton, a ten-color offset lithograph printed from ten hand-drawn aluminum plates." Also see the Gaiser Collection that includes this artwork.

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